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 For more info or to apply please email
 For more info or to apply please email

Join the family

Here at Empire Kosher we care about our employees' health and wellbeing. We take pride in offering a yearly flu shot, biometric screening, and more. Our goal is to help our employees live a happier and healthier life inside and outside of work. With an on-site nurse available, our employees are in good hands in our facility. Routine safety checks and maintenance ensure the safety and security of our employees.

Our business dates back to 1938. Starting in New York (The “Empire” State) we moved to Mifflintown, Pennsylvania shortly after. From the very beginning, Empire Kosher Poultry has been committed to maintaining the highest quality animal welfare standards. We are a fully integrated company, which means our quality control measures start from the very beginning at the hatchery and end with the high quality product you buy in stores.


For us accountability and traceability begin even before the farm. We ensure the highest quality care and Kashrut standards are met. Working with family owned hatcheries and farms, we hatch, grow, process, package, and ship the finest poultry products to markets across the country.  All of our operations are located in rural PA.


At Empire Kosher you can expect:

  • Competitive wages

  • 401K

  • Medical

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Life Insurance

  • Short-term disability

  • Paid time off

  • Holiday pay

  • Advancement opportunities

  • Various shifts

Wellness at empire

employee experience

We want our employees to have a great work experience while here at Empire Kosher. Throughout the year we raise awareness about different monthly causes; heart awareness, breast cancer awareness, etc. We take the time to celebrate different events with our employees as well.


At Empire Kosher there is an on-site store where fresh meals are prepared daily; at the store, employees can purchase Empire product.


Here at Empire Kosher we value all our employees and the hard work

they do. Without our employees we wouldn’t be able to operate.

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