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Kosher isn’t just our middle name, it defines who we are and what we do. Kosher is the set of dietary rules (collectively known as Kashrut) that govern what observant Jewish consumers can consume. It guides how we produce our poultry and contributes to its high quality and consistent great taste.

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Over 50 rabbis oversee every aspect of our production process. Being vertically integrated means that we manage how chicks are handled and fed all the way through processing and packaging.


Each chicken and turkey is inspected by a member of our rabbinical staff to maintain the highest standards in kashrut. In fact, our rabbis are so strict that they reject twice as many chickens and turkeys as the USDA!

In addition to our onsite team of over 50 rabbis, our products are certified kosher by the most highly regarded kosher supervising agencies, the Orthodox Union and Rabbi Yechiel Babad, Tartikov Rav, plus USDA inspectors and a team of our QA experts. Their oversight guides all processes and procedures regarding the kosher status of our products.

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