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We are delighted to partner with culinary enthusiast Naomi Nachman and share her one-of-a-kind recipes! Check out what Naomi is cooking!

We are proud to offer a wide variety of the finest, highest quality kosher chicken and turkey products!


Time for some delicious inspiration! Check out these chef-tested recipes for holiday gatherings and weeknight dinners.

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Our Commitment 
to Kashrut

For over 80 years, kashrut has been our first priority.

Our entire process is designed to produce the highest quality kosher poultry with each chicken and turkey being inspected by our rabbis to ensure they meet our high standards.

kashrut symbols@2x.png
kashrut symbols@2x.png

from farm to table

For us, accountability and traceability begin even before the farm. We ensure the highest quality care and kashrut standards are met from the very beginning…the egg. Empire is different than any other kosher chicken company in the country, in that we hatch, grow, process, package and ship our own products.


We are proud to be a company that supports family farms and raises chickens and turkeys with the utmost care and respect.


our history

For more than 80 years, Empire Kosher has passionately pursued the vision of our founder, Joseph Katz: To be the gold standard in kosher and help consumers do what is right and good and satisfying for their families.




From handling raw poultry to cooking temperatures and safe storage, at Empire we want you to feel confident preparing delicious and healthy meals. Here are a few helpful preparation and storage suggestions from the USDA.


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