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Empire® Kosher Chariedi Hashgocha Meets Highest Standards of Kashrus.

All Empire Kosher Products Under Strict Supervision of the OU and Rabbi Yechiel Babad.

News Release: July 22, 2020

MIFFLINTOWN, PA – Empire Kosher Poultry and its partners today made a strong statement of reassurance: All Empire® Kosher products are under the long-standing kosher certification of the OU and the strict hashgocha of Rabbi Yechiel Babad, the Tartikover Rav.

Rabbi Babad, of Brooklyn, NY, also known as the Tartikover Rav of Boro Park, is a well-known rav hamachshir trusted by communities in the chariedi world. Since November, after his visits and inspections of the Mifflintown plant, and his careful reviewing of the schechita process, Rabbi Babad has certified that all Empire Kosher products meet the highest standards of kashrus.

The rav also praised the fact that Empire is the only kosher poultry supplier with a vertically integrated supply chain, including their own chicken hatchery, which provides even further control over the kashrus of the product.
“The operations and procedures at Empire’s plant, together with their strict standards and integrity, go above and beyond what others do,” said Rabbi Babad. “The standards of schechita and the high quality of the shochtim are world class. Empire’s products are Kosher L’Mehadrin min HaMehadrin and can be used by those with even the most exacting standards in kashrus.”

Rabbi Yisroel Weiss, Executive VP of Empire Kosher Poultry adds, “We are so pleased to be able to satisfy the needs of consumers who only purchase products with a chasidish certification. Now even more families can enjoy and benefit from the high-quality poultry that Empire is famous for.” 

After much deliberation, Empire Kosher Poultry and KAJ entered into a joint separation agreement, effective July 21, 2020, to allow for the most stringent chareidi supervision which combines oversight from both the OU and Rabbi Babad of Tartikover for all Empire Kosher Poultry products. 

“I am very disheartened to learn that our decision to commit to the chariedi community has resulted in demeaning and untrue public statements from KAJ,” said Rabbi Weiss. “Months ago, we worked earnestly to execute an amicable separation agreement when KAJ refused to support our decision to add another supervision which represented an additional market.  Empire Kosher Poultry is more committed than ever to being an exemplary kosher operation, and the preservation of our reputation means everything to our people, including the more than 60 chasidic rabbis onsite who have worked tirelessly for decades, making extreme sacrifices, to adhere to the strictest kashrus practices,” said Weiss.
All consumers, including those seeking a chasidisha schechita, can purchase Empire Kosher products with the confidence that it is of the highest quality under the supervision of the OU and Rabbi Babad. 

Empire produces a variety of the best-tasting kosher chicken and turkey products, available in foodservice cases and consumer packaging, sold at kosher grocers, supermarket chains and warehouse/club stores nationwide.

Stores and distributors wishing to carry Empire Kosher Poultry products should contact their Empire sales representative.




Clarification:  In our press release disseminated 7-22-20, there was a reference to Rabbi Teitlebaum.  The wording may have been translated as if the Empire brand has Rabbi Teitelbaum’s supervision. We want to clarify that this is not the case. Empire Is proud to be supervised by the Orthodox Union (OU), as well as Rabbi Babad.

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