At Empire Kosher Poultry, cleanliness and quality are our top priorities. Rigorous tests and temperature inspections throughout the process ensure product safety by our highly trained quality control specialists under our BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Certification, a leading Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) partner.

Humane Animal Treatment 

In addition to humanely raising our flocks, we transport and handle our poultry with care. Our harvesting process is swiftly and painlessly performed by hand in accordance with Jewish dietary laws that command humane treatment of animals. Our highly-experienced rabbis are trained in this centuries-old tradition. In fact, kosher standards, requirements and traditions are rooted in caring for human and animal health, cleanliness and caring for the environment.  These values are at the core of the Empire Kosher brand and are inherent in how we do business. 

Fully Natural 

Our family farmers raise our chickens without administering antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids to accelerate growth, so they take the full nine weeks to grow. We reject modern agricultural practices that are inconsistent with our standards, such as the use of antibiotics or using animal by-products in feed. When consumers purchase and prepare Empire Kosher Poultry for their families, they know they are receiving the highest quality chicken and turkey.

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