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Empire Kosher Poultry is a business that is committed to sustainability, ethical practices, worker rights
and the Pennsylvania community where we are based, in addition to producing quality products to feed

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Empire Kosher poultry is raised on family farms, fed an-all vegetarian diet and grows without the use of antibiotics, steroids or added growth hormones*. The families with which we work have lived on their Juniata County farms for generations and take pride in feeding Americans a healthy, wholesome product. Empire Kosher is a vertically integrated company in which we hatch, grow, and process our poultry. Being vertically integrated means that we are managing how chicks are handled and fed, all the
way through how our products are processed and shipped.


From farm to table, our chickens and turkeys are humanely raised** and cared for by experienced
farmers who follow our strict standards for animal welfare. We use only 100% vegetarian feed made to
a unique and exacting formula. Our turkeys have a stress-free environment in well-ventilated barns. Our
chickens roam freely and are sheltered in spacious, sanitary quarters, instead of in chicken coops, and
their wings and beaks are never clipped.



Operating a socially conscious business is not always easy. There is a financial toll required when you reject twice as many turkeys and chickens as the USDA. However, Empire Kosher’s strict kosher
standards are part of who we are. We have a moral and religious obligation to adhere to the highest standards, which is why we have elected to be certified by two highly regarded agencies; the Orthodox Union, and Rabbi Yechiel Babad, the Tartikov Rav. Empire Kosher receives the very highest ratings from the most environmentally and socially-conscious stores. The company that monitors Whole Foods, for example, gave Empire Kosher a 98.8 percent rating for its chicken and a 98.6 percent rating for its turkey.


When it comes to caring for our workers, we are proud to be a union friendly business. We support employee welfare and safety standards. We have donated thousands of pounds of poultry to food pantries to help families during challenging times.

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of added growth hormones and steroids in poultry. 

**Meets Empire Kosher's humane policy for raising chickens on family farms in a stress-free environment.


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