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Healthy & Safe

Empire Kosher Healthy All Natural Corn Feed

Empire Kosher Poultry’s special heritage breed poultry is raised as part of a fully traceable approach, which means that poultry is bred, hatched, fed, grown, processed and shipped only by Empire Kosher or its network of contracted farmers.

From farm to table, Empire Kosher’s uncompromising standards of healthfulness and product safety are ensured throughout the entire process. Empire Kosher uses only 100% vegetarian feed made to a unique and exacting formula. Empire Kosher’s poultry is available antibiotic free and organic, always with no growth hormones added.

The processing and packaging operation is both highly efficient and thoroughly sanitary and is inspected every step of the way by both rabbinic and USDA inspectors. Empire Kosher’s rabbis are far stricter than USDA inspectors, rejecting two times as many chickens and turkeys than the USDA.