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  • “Turkey Tasting,” Tablet Magazine, November 21, 2011

    “Some of my otherwise non-kosher Thanksgiving turkey-eating guests were put off by the feathers often left on kosher turkeys. When I asked an Empire spokesperson about this, he explained that since only cold water is allowed in a kosher slaughter, it is harder to get rid of the feathers.”

  • Turkey Taste Test, Cooks Illustrated, March 1, 2009

    “Koshering—a process whereby the bird is packed in kosher salt and undergoes multiple cold-water rinses—kept this supermarket turkey “moist and meaty” with a “nice poultry flavor,” and offered white meat that was “buttery.” It had a “dense” texture that was “moist but not squishy.” “The way I expect turkey to taste,” declared one happy taster.”