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  • “Mixing Bowl: Empire Chicken; Pork Memoirs and the 2nd Ave Deli”, The Jewish Daily Forward, August 5, 2011

    Empire Kosher Poultry, the largest kosher chicken company in the country, claims “it produces a healthier, cleaner, more reliably kosher chicken than available anywhere else in America — and in a socially and environmentally responsible way,” according to JTA.

  • “Inside Empire’s slaughterhouse: The life of a kosher chicken,” JTA, August 4, 2011

    MIFFLINTOWN, Pa. – The end came swiftly for the chicken I’ll call Bob. Propelled into a trough of sorts by a machine that tips a crate’s worth of birds onto the assembly line — “They’re like children, sliding down,” the head kosher supervisor said — chicken Bob was seized by a worker’s practiced hands and guided toward the shochet, or ritual slaughterer, along a stainless steel panel meant for calming the birds.

  • “Inside Empire Kosher Chicken,” Jewish Journal Foodaism Blog, August 4, 2011

    “Inside Empire Kosher Chicken“ Jewish Journal Foodaism Blog by Rob Eshman August 4, 2011 Uriel Heilman did something I’ve always wanted to do: he spent a day touring the Empire kosher chicken… empire. His piece follows the life and death of a kosher chicken— he names it Bob—- as it makes its way from the…

  • “Fly balls & fleishigs – Nats host Jewish Community Day,” Washington Jewish Week, July 13, 2011

    “Fly balls & fleishigs – Nats host Jewish Community Day“ Washington Jewish Week July 13, 2011 by Adam Kredo What’s better than Jews and baseball?” wondered Bruce Waxman as he piled heaping mounds of Empire kosher chicken and honey-smoked turkey onto his plate. “Jews have always loved baseball!” Decked out in a Washington Nationals cap…

  • “Tom Vilsack throws a seder,” The Washington Post, April 28, 2011

    Empire Kosher Poultry of central Pennsylvania sponsored the kosher meal, which consisted of fresh-tasting salads and dips, couscous, organic chicken and an apple dessert. Chief executive officer Greg Rosenbaum was proud to participate: “We support local farmers and workers’ rights. We are the world’s largest producer of kosher chickens and turkeys,” he told me as we waited on the buffet line. Empire also donates 50,000 pounds of poultry to food banks and kitchens each year.