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Empire Kosher CEO named to National Chicken Council Board

February 1, 2012

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Empire Kosher CEO named to National Chicken Council Board
Leading kosher poultry producer’s Greg Rosenbaum to bring his company’s truly natural, socially responsible and strictly kosher approach to national trade association board

Greg Rosenbaum - Empire KosherMIFFLINTOWN, Penn. – Empire Kosher announced that its chief executive officer, Greg Rosenbaum, was named to the board of the prestigious national nonprofit trade association that represents the entire American chicken industry. He will serve a three-year term.

The National Chicken Council (NCC), based in Washington, D.C., represents the industry in front of Congress and federal government agencies as it works to promote and protect the interests of the chicken industry. Its members include chicken producers and processors and poultry distributors, and member companies represent more than 95 percent of chicken sold in the country. Other board members include such industry leaders as Lampkin Butts, Chairman, of Sanderson Farms; Joe Sanderson, Jr., also of Sanderson Farms; Jim Perdue of Perdue Farms; and Ron Foster of Foster Farms.

“I am honored to take a leading role in the single most influential organization in the U.S. chicken industry,” Rosenbaum said. “Empire has always been a highly regarded producer of kosher poultry products. Now, we’re being recognized for our leadership in socially and environmentally conscious, truly natural production, as well. I look forward to sharing our successes with the other nationally known companies represented on the board, as well as to learn from them and together, further strengthen the American poultry industry and the ways we serve our members across the country.”

Rosenbaum was named to the board during the trade association’s board meeting held last week in Atlanta in conjunction with the International Poultry Exposition.

Responding to changing consumer preferences and an evolving sense of the responsibilities that go along with producing kosher food items, Empire Kosher Poultry has transformed itself into a company dedicated to being truly natural, socially responsible and strictly kosher.  As the world’s oldest and largest producer of kosher chicken and turkey, Empire Kosher has a long history of respecting and adhering to the rituals of kosher slaughter.  However, beginning with its transfer to current ownership in 2003, Empire has taken its focus a step further to ensure that its ethical practices are respected as diligently as its ritual practices.

Empire Kosher offers a wide variety of all-natural, free-roaming, antibiotic-free and 100 percent vegetarian-fed poultry, all with no growth hormones added. Empire uses absolutely no animal by-products — only its own 100 percent vegetarian feed mixed to a unique and exacting formula.

Empire ensures top quality products through its rigorous and thorough Quality Control program.  Its on-site laboratory allows the company to constantly monitor its products and make sure they meet the company’s strict quality standards.  Empire Kosher receives the very highest ratings from the most environmentally and socially conscious stores. The company that monitors Whole Foods, for example, gave Empire Kosher an exemplary 98.8 percent rating for its chicken and a 98.6 percent rating for its turkey.

Greg Rosenbuam, CEO of Empire Kosher,
recently named a board member of National Chicken Council

About Empire Kosher

Empire Kosher produces the best tasting and highest quality, truly natural, socially responsible, and strictly kosher poultry products for a diverse range of customer needs and preferences.  Empire offers a wide variety of chicken products, turkey, deli, fully cooked, gluten-free, organic and kosher for Passover products under its Empire label and a similar line, exclusively for Whole Foods, called Kosher Valley.

Empire Kosher started in 1938, when Joseph N. Katz, an Austrian immigrant, recognized that the Jewish population in America’s suburbs and rural areas could not find kosher foods. Katz sought to change that reality and started his own company on a shoestring budget in a garage in the small town of Liberty, N.Y. and named it after the Empire state. Katz recruited some of the most diligent rabbis from Israel and Europe and invested a lot of time learning to clean and dress chickens under the rabbis’ watchful eyes. In the early 1960s, Empire relocated to Mifflintown, Penn., when Katz purchased a small processing plant there. Today, still headquartered in the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania, Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc. is the largest kosher poultry producer in the United States. Practicing sustainable farming, promoting social justice, and strictly observing the Jewish dietary laws, Empire Kosher dependably produces the best tasting and highest quality all-natural poultry products. Empire chicken and turkey are not only for those who keep kosher for religious reasons; Empire Kosher is the best option for any consumer who wishes to eat healthy and safely, buy responsibly, promote worker and animal rights, protect the environment, and support local farmers and their communities.

Empire Kosher’s entire product line, recipes, news and FAQs can be found at its website, EmpireKosher.com. Follow Empire Kosher on Facebook and Twitter.

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