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“Empire Kosher is now Green Kosher,” Joy of Kosher, August 15, 2011

Empire Kosher is now Green Kosher
Joy of Kosher blog
August 11, 2011
Posted in Kosher News

As you know, as the world’s oldest and largest producer of kosher chicken and turkey, Empire Kosher has a long history of respecting and adhering to the rituals of kosher slaughter. However, beginning with its transfer to current ownership in 2003 , Empire has taken its focus a step further to ensure that its ethical practices are respected as diligently as its ritual practices.

“Empire has always been a highly-regarded producer of kosher products,” Greg Rosenbaum, Empire’s CEO recently told us. “Now, we’re also developing an admired reputation for being socially and environmentally conscious, as well as truly natural, in every step of the production process. Empire is Green Kosher.”

Greg defines the principles of Green Kosher as eating healthy, safely and strictly kosher, buying responsibly, promoting worker and animal welfare, protecting the environment and supporting small family farmers and their communities.

While Empire’s practices have always been well within industry norms, its green kosher transformation puts it ahead of its competitors by instituting practices such as limiting the number of chickens its farmers can raise at any given time, treating all its own wastewater, employing multiple uses of alternative energy and substantially reducing its carbon footprint.

Empire Kosher offers a wide variety of all-natural, organic, free-roaming, antibiotic-free and 100% vegetarian-fed poultry, all with no growth hormones added. Empire uses absolutely no animal by-products – only its own 100% vegetarian feed mixed to a unique and exacting formula.

For more information: go to Empire’s new website www.EmpireKosher.com!